Sunday, July 24, 2016

Foodgasm Sunday

Its been more than a year I have shifted to Bandra. I wanted to try various food joints in Bandra West since many years. Few years ago, my brother Ajinkya introduced to me to the most happening (i feel so) food lane near Bandra Reclamation around ONGC colony. This area is very calm but happening at late night with all the food joints packed. There around 10 food joints with cozy ambience, few serving alcohol & few with outdoor seating options. Have visited Che Moi & Fat Mans Cafe.

Saturday, being little tiring & busy, I decided to sleep early & head for some food joint in Bandra Reclamation area for an early morning breakfast. I checked few places on Zomato & decided to visit Foodgasm for healthy breakfast.
Foodgasm is well organized air conditioned & outdoor seating joint with veg & non-veg breakfast options with seating capacity of around 25-30. It opens around 8am daily, but being a Sunday today, place was empty. It serves breakfast, salads, soups, appetizers, tandoor, main course, wraps & sandwiches (Veg. & Non-Veg.) along with deserts & beverages.
Selecting Non Veg breakfast from 9 options was little confusing & tempting too. Finally, I decided to opt for Foodgasm Brekky. Indeed a tempting Wholesome Breakfast Tray with so many options in a single tray to start day with. Foodgasm Brekky is served with Home smoked chicken, Bacon & Fish with sunny side up egg, multigrain toast, Half a roast tomato, Wilted spinach, Baked Potato, Thyme Mushrooms & Oven Baked Beans with an option of Tea or Coffee. Opting for Foodgasm Brekky was a good decision to taste various portions making it a healthy start of the day.
Foodgasm Brekky costs Rs. 220/-.
Later, I ordered, Toast from Cannes. Prepared with Peanut Butter and Berry jam sandwiched in French toast served with fresh fruit (watermelon). Toast from Cannes was served with Honey & Maple Syrup.
Toast from Cannes costs Rs. 120/-.
And, finally it was Power Shot. Mixture of Banana, Muskmelon, Dates, Almond, Milk & Honey in chilled milk (asked for less ice). Served in a huge glass making a Power drink with whole dates and almonds at the bottom (neither grated nor grinded).
Power Shot costs Rs. 140/-.
Foodgasm charged 5% service charge on whole bill, making final sum of Rs. 504/-. Would love to visit this place again for trying other options, maybe salads or sandwiches. And, Power Shot would be a recommended drink.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Kakori House - World's Softest Kebabs

It was lazy sunday after Gudi Padwa long weekend. I was hungry & wanted to try something new, apart from the regular Sadiccha or other joints in Bandra East area.
My friend Makarand dropped in after 1:30 pm on Sunday & we planned to go our for lunch. I remembered Mahim food joints starting after Mahim Church and going upto Dadar Shiv Sena Bhavan.
We planned to visit Kakori House at their Mahim outlet. Kakori House is located on L J Road opposite Paradise Cinema & next to famous Goan food joint, Sushegad. Kakori House is famous for its world's softest kebab. And, believe me they are indeed the softest. Kakori House is an air conditioned joint with 5 tables and seating capacity of 24 people at a time.
We ordered Murgh Seekh Kebab (3 pcs), Kakori Kebab (3 pcs). Along with it we ordered Sheermal & Warqi Paratha.
Murgh Seekh Kebab were the regular chicken seekh kebab which we had tasted in the past many times. But Kakori Kebab were the best as they mentioned on their menu card, as the SOFTEST KEBABS IN THE WORLD. And they are really soft and melt in mouth. I had never ever had such soft kebabs till I had these. In fact, never knew kebabs are meant to be soft too.
Sheermal (orange coloured) is speciality of Awadh, made in iron tandoor with milk, saffron & flour. Although it was too oily but taste was simply awesome.
Warqi Paratha is a soft Paratha made using Saffron & Milk & cooked on saffron tawa. This was less oily as compared to Sheermal.
Although, I was disappointed by Phrini served here. Phirni is a popular North-Indian sweet dish. It is widely served in earthen vessels but here it was served in a plastic container. But Kakori House is a must visit place for Kebab lovers.
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